Relax & Unwind

Pure indulgence and relaxation

Carlton stands for the ultimate in pampering, an oasis of peace and tranquillity in the midst of an active lifestyle. Empty your head, sooth your neck and shoulders in the sauna and enjoy a great massage. There is nothing better than taking your time to enjoy all this indulgence during a long weekend away.

Recharge your batteries

The dividing line between work and relaxation fades away at the Carlton Oasis

Your fires of inspiration are fanned to a red heat at the Carlton Oasis in Spijkenisse. Swim, exercise in the fitness room, participate in a group lesson and sweat everything out afterwards in the Finnish sauna. The dividing line between work and relaxation fades away in our hotel, which is just a stone's throw away from the ports and close to Rotterdam. Experience the relaxed atmosphere, the many places to meet and the fantastic sports and leisure facilities.

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A relaxing weekend away

Treat yourself

Take time out to relax for a couple of days and refresh your body and mind. What could be better than relaxing in your own swimming pool after a refreshing bike ride or a day spent shopping Simply don your bath robe and walk from your hotel room to the pool to swim a few lengths. And, conveniently, after your swim you can dive into a nice soft bed!

Sports and enjoying the fresh air


The beach is a magnet for sports enthusiasts, hikers and people who enjoy getting a breath of fresh air on the beach. The Sport & Leisure Centre at The Beach Hotel also focuses on sports, entertainment and de-stressing.

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Finnish sauna and Turkish steam bath


A session in the sauna and steam bath makes everybody feel happy and healthy. Even more so in the luxurious and stylish environment of our hotel in the heart of Brussels. Discover The Dominican.

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HUP makes everybody happy

All sports and leisure facilities under one roof

You can fully recharge your batteries in just one day full of sporting enjoyment or during a relaxing weekend. For people who like variety: all the facilities for a mini-vacation are available under one roof. Swimming pool, sauna, health spa and massage - soothing and beneficial for both body and mind. Take a look at HUP's website and discover all our possibilities.

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Where do you want to de-stress and relax

You can get away from it all here! Learn more about our health and fitness facilities throughout the Netherlands. Great places to wash away the hectic bustle of everyday life.


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