Safe stay at Carlton Ambassador

last update: 25th of June 2021


We have taken various measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in our hotel. The safety and well-being

of our employees and guests has top priority and therefore we will follow the advice from the RIVM on a daily base.

On this page we inform our guests about the measures we have taken and how they will be applied to your stay in

the new year. For more detailed information or questions, please contact us.

We hope to take away any concerns and to ensure our guests a carefree and enjoyable stay! Thank you in advance

for you cooperation and understanding, we wish you a very pleasant stay.


▪ If you have any Covid-related symptoms, if you are awaiting test results, or if you have been in close contact with someone who is tested positive, we kindly ask you to postpone your trip to our hotel. Our team will gladly help you with this.

▪ Various measures have been taken to organize your stay as well as possible. Think of signage, guest routing and for the 1.5 meter distance measures. We only allow a maximum number of people for various areas in the hotel such as lifts and toilets.

▪ We only process your payments in all the different outlets "cashless" (via bank transfer, credit card or pin). Only our hotel reception accepts cash, however we prefer your payment "cashless".

▪ Our employees are always there to help you and provide instructions.

▪ Please keep 1,5 meters distance from eachother


▪ For your personal hygiene, all public areas are equipped with disinfectant hand gel. We provide only paper towels in all toilets.

▪We aim to be clean all day long! The common areas and all the contact surfaces such as elevator buttons and banisters will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

▪ To avoid contact between employees and guests the rooms will be cleaned when our guests are not in the hotel room. We also would like to ask our guests not to enter the hotel room when our employees are in the room for cleaning or maintenance.

▪ Employees continuously wash their hands with disinfection soap.

▪ Housekeeping employees will wear gloves and work with professional cleaning products and procedures.

Food and drinks

▪ Restaurant Sophia is opened daily from 8.00 till 00.00 for guests for hotelguests and guests from outside. Our terrace closes at 23.00.

▪ It is necessary to make a reservation for a table. This can be done up front or at our restaurant on the spot.

▪ Our restaurant and terrace are adjusted to the 1,5 meter distance between tables. This has some affect on our capacity. Make a reservation in advance to prevent any disappointment

▪ You can only pay 'cashless' by bank transfer, credit card or bank card

Meeting & events

▪ Meetings and events are allowed

▪ The meeting rooms have been amended to be sure there will be 1.5 meter distance for various group sizes.

▪ We do not work with covid tests, therefore 1,5 meter distance will still be applicable in our meeting rooms.

▪ Please contact us if you would like to use our personal help with your inquiry.


▪ We can provide you with excellent information about what is possible in the hotel and in the surrounding area. Think of local attractions, bicycle rental, city tours etc.

Local Hot Spots

Our employees

▪ All our employees are trained in the above measures.

▪ The 1.5 meter distance is leading. There is no physical contact with the guests or the guest's property. We ask the employees to address each other and our guests if this will ever be forgotten.

▪ The break and canteen areas have been adapted and the workplaces are also amended in such a way that distance is guaranteed.

▪ Not feeling that good? This will mean to not come to work.

▪ Our employees wear face masks inspaces where 1,5 meter distance can not be assured.


  • For bookings made directly with us, via our website or by telephone the regular cancellation conditions apply. During these times we advise you to book a flexible rate to be sure you can still change and cancel free of charge.
  • Please note that Covid-19 is not a valid reason to cancel a non-refundable booking.
  • For bookings made through an external party or booking website the management of your booking will be through an organization other than our hotel. Changes or further information can only be obtained through this organization. Please contact them.

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