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It doesn't matter what reason brings you to The Hague now, we are happy to guide you through the city in a safe way. Within the govenmental measures, there is still much possible. Whatever you do, do it safe and keep the Dutch guidlines in mind so we can all enjoy this amazing city in a safe way.

The Hague is a versatile city. With an historic and lively city center, The Hague also offers lots of green and nature. The Hague is unique in that way since it also has a 11km coastline with the popular beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

Whatever brings you to The Hague and Carlton Ambassador, you can make the most out of your stay since there is so much to discover. Our hotel is conveniently located, only a couple of steps away from the city center and the upcoming and cool Zeeheldenkwartier.

Please keep in mind, that at this moment, the Netherlands is in a light lockdown. Stores are open with restrictions, museums and attractions are closed, restaurants are closed but terraces are open from 12.00 till 18.00.

If you go out, please keep the measures in mind and do it safely.

City center

Let's take a stroll through the city center

Noordeinde, one of The Hagues oldest shoppingstreets, is just a few steps away from our hotel. It is filled with special art galleries, interior stores and cosy coffee stores. Continue your way and your in front of Palace Noordeinde, very impressive in the middle of the city center. From the palace you will walk right in to the Hoogstraat, filled with luxurious stores. For the ultimate ‘The Hague-experience’ you need to try a royal croquet from Dungelmann. From the Hoogstraat you will walk right in the heart of the city. Discover De Bijenkorf, the largest warehouse of The Netherlands, visit the Passage and have a stroll through the Binnenhof. It bring you to the most coziest terraces on the Plein. Have a drink, and just enjoy! Whenever you’re ready, you can continue your road to the Lange Houtstraat which brings you to the Lange Voorhout and the Denneweg. Continue to the Frederikstraat and Javastraat, it will bring you back to Carlton Ambassador.


Discover the hidden gems

The charismatic Zeeheldenkwartier is full of hidden gems; special boutiques, restaurants and an own market. From our hotel it is only a few steps to the Bazarstraat. Have a look at the beautiful architecture. Via the Hugo de Grootstraat and Barentszstraat you will walk right in to the Prins Hendrikstraat, a cosy shoppingstreet. Don’t forget the Zoutmanstraat. From the Vondelstraat, you will walk right in to the city center of The Hague.



Scheveningen is right next to our hotel. Via the Van Stolkpark and Westbroekpark, cosy parks to have a stop for a picknick – which we can arrange for you – you will get in to popular Scheveningen. You can shop at the Keizerstraat. At the end of that street you will find the boulevard and you can place your feet in the sand. Visit De Pier, filled with foodtrucks, and real daredevils can zipline or take a ride at the Ferris wheel. 


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