Green Key

Doing sustainable business

Sea, beach, dunes: in addition to a wonderful environment for a relaxing stay, it is also a very fragile nature area. With the hotel being located at the beachfront with the dunes as the back garden, we are well aware of this. Sustainability and reducing environmental impact are therefore high on our agenda. We were the first hotel in Scheveningen to receive the Golden Green Key certificate on 18 August 2010.

An international quality mark

Green Key certificaat GOLD

This international quality mark is awarded to companies in the tourism industry that are committed to protecting the environment and minimizing human impact on the environment. With this quality mark we want to show that corporate social responsibility and sustainability have a central role in our policy. With the "Golden Green Key" certificate, we demonstrate that we more than meet the standards set for this. We are constantly working on the expansion and improvement of the socially responsible range of our products and services and also ask the same off our suppliers.


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