Carlton President opent nieuw restaurant One24!

Carlton President opens new restaurant One24!

With the opening of the new restaurant One24, the additional meeting room called Glass Room and the restyled lobby, the transformation of Carlton President is complete. In an earlier phase, 115 hotel rooms, 9 meeting rooms, brainstorming rooms and congress rooms were also completely transformed into the new concept. We look at work with an innovative, fresh look where pleasure is paramount. The surprising combinations and concepts can be seen in the design in all spaces.

Influences from the city and nature

Easy eating and drinking

Carlton President is the way to create an environment through influences from nature and the city that encourages encounters and exchanges of ideas. Here guests are helped to have a very productive working day through healthy eating, beautiful conference rooms, high-quality hotel rooms and special flexible workplaces and meeting places in One24.

One24 brings people, styles, atmospheres and different kitchens together. It is the renewed meeting place for business guests, Utrecht residents, international guests and day trippers. The restaurant has an international menu with influences from Mediterranean cuisine, mixed with Middle Eastern influences. Beautiful traditions and new trends incorporated into tasty dishes packed with nutrients and colors that move with the seasons.