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A breath of fresh air in an urban vibe

Are you looking for a suitable location for a quick brainstorm, a longer training session with a number of teams, a multi-day conference, a private inspiration dinner or do you want to do

something on a large scale with an inspiring event with talks and music? We are specialised in providing everything you need to facilitate the exchange of

knowledge or ideas. Whatever atmosphere, ambiance, price level, snacks or meeting opportunities you are looking for, we make sure that you achieve your results.

You can make use of the public rooms and meeting rooms throughout the whole hotel – so you can sit somewhere private,

meet people or enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

What do you want to achieve?

Cosy, large, quiet, playful, serious, industrial or intimate. There are lots of different options. A team-building event requires a different kind of room than a quiet presentation with dimmed light. We are happy to work with you to help you decide which room is best suited to what you want to achieve! 

Love what you do

For years we have had one aim: to create an environment that inspires entrepreneurs with new ideas, take action and relax. Throughout the whole hotel you will find an exciting mix of open spaces, a variety of seating areas, intimate places, inspiring rooms, and a soundproof Boost.




Work creatively on ideas or color outside the lines at a wonderfully soft sofa, a special table and in a warm atmosphere.


Train & Meet


For a constructive training, course or meeting. The place where you can focus on what is really important and you can work on your ideas.



Extra Large

For a conference, presentation or meeting with impact. A top location for everyone who wants to perform at the top of their abilities.

Boost your brains

Has the meeting reached deadlock or is the group

in need of inspiration? Go together to the bright-red

Boost in the Lounge where you can throw discussion

points up in the air and achieve a breakthrough together.

Food for thought

If you work hard, you want to eat well

Energy: the main ingredient for the dishes and drinks on our menu. As you walk in, you are met by the delicious smell of home-made gingerbread and you can sample our typical Utrecht biscuits. Fresh fruit, fruit water, fresh tea or fresh orange juice - help yourself to as much of these as you want. Everything is possible!

We love to make individuals, teams and groups feel completely at home. Whatever you want to organise and whatever culinary requirements you have,

the kitchen staff or our restaurant One24 will surprise you!

Choose also from different (catering) packages including lunch and / or dinner.

Innovation in Carlton President

We are proud to provide facilities that enable innovation, strategy and change management. In Carlton President companies, municipalities, hospitality partners, funds and charity organisations come together with their teams to brainstorm on the future. Innovation is often the result when different ways of thinking are brought together and in here we provide just the vibe you need! 

Meet the team



Conference & Event Executive

"I know that everyone is different and that is why I like to immerse ourselves in our guests. Whether it is a quick brainstorm, a long training session, a multi-day conference or a private dinner, we give our guests all the space and personal attention, so that every experience is different and special. As Conference & Event Executive, I take you into preparation for your arrival, so that you are sure that you will achieve what you want to achieve."




"We also want to continue to surprise our guests with food and drink with new ideas and special tastes. When compiling the menu we realized what riches we can put on the table, especially with the healthy Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. My passion is cooking with the season, full of flavor, with products that are obtained locally. Together with my team I strive for an unforgettable experience! '



Banquet Manager

'We want our guests see the hotel as a welcome, inviting place with a free and playful look. Where the guest is central and taken into account, so that he or she does not feel like the umpteenth hotel or business guest. I am the person you call or app from the meeting room with any question. My goal as a Banquet Manager is, to ensure your positive experience and the 'happy factor'!


From booking process to execution, everything super arranged. Service, food and location are great. We will definetely come back!


Sabine Scheepers | M-Event

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