Lounge Bar

Whether you want to do some stylish lounging, try the latest and best cocktails, or have a bite to eat with friends… immerse yourself in the hospitable ambience of The Lounge Bar of The Dominican with its high ceilings and impressive windows. You’ll be surrounded by the inviting buzz of a fashionable, sophisticated and trendy meeting place. Here in this chic bar and cocktail lounge, the in-crowd of Brussels mixes with hotel guests for a latte or the drink du jour and, of course, the choice of dishes in our Food Book guarantee culinary enjoyment from 9.00 am till 10.00 pm.




The Dominican is happy to bring you BRUT evening every Friday! These evenings mix the best Belgian snack with a party’s most illustrious drink. Belgian fries with Champagne, delightful flavours to alert your most buried senses.

So…Are you looking for an exceptional way to spend you Fridays Look no further, the Lounge Bar is the place to be from 6pm. A good DJ, luscious food and delightful drinks…What more could you want

Operating Hours

The Lounge Bar is open daily from 9.00 am until at least 1.00 am.


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