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Dear Guest,

The government has made the decision to close all restaurants and cafes as well as sports centers due to the Covid-19 virus, corona.

This has quite a few consequences for you as a guest and for us as a hotel. Naturally, we follow government guidelines and hope that everyone will be and remain healthy.

We have taken a number of additional measures to ensure your health and also ours:

Breakfast booked in advance

If you have pre-booked breakfast as a guest, we offer you 2 options;

1. You can choose to use our room service breakfast menu at no extra cost. You can hang it on your door the night before. In the morning we will place your breakfast at your door and knock on the door.

2. You can choose a breakfast / lunch package to-go. You can request this by telephone. We will also place these packages at your door.

As an additional service we offer our coffee machines downstairs in our restaurant. You can use it for free during the day.

Breakfast not pre-booked yet

Do you still want to use our breakfast, but you have not reserved this in advance? Then you can order our breakfast / lunch packages for €11,25. You can report this to us by telephone.

The regular times apply to our breakfast.


For our guests we offer our dinner in the form of room service. You can place your orders with us by phone between 6 PM – 8 PM. You have the choice from our à la carte menu. We will place your order at your door and take an appropriate distance after knocking.

Health Center

Unfortunately, we must inform you that our Health Center is currently closed due to the measures.

Technical business

In the unlikely event that something breaks or does not function properly in your room, our technical service is at your disposal. We will remedy this as much as possible when you are not present. If this is not possible, we will provide a different room.

Other measures

If possible, we ask you to pay as much as possible with your debit or credit card.

The measures apply from the government until April 5 2020. This is a preliminary decision and can be extended. We will keep informing you.

For other questions, you can contact us at the desk by email or telephone.

Kind regards,

Team Carlton Oasis

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