our vitality

Come stay with us, we are already your friends

Market Street is a place of inspiration. A place of surprises on the one hand and intimacy on the other.

brutal beauty

Choose delicacy or go for raw

It's so easy to go with the flow. Just follow the arrows. Tune out of your moods. Keep the world at a distance. Loose touch with yourself.

But choose your own direction and you shift closer to yourself. You rekindle your individuality. Strengthen your identity.

edgy and challenging

Break free from the flow

That's why we've created Market Street. It's a place where you go your own way. A place that understands the dark and bright in us all. Edgy and challenging. But also calming and gifted. Just like Edinburgh, the city that inspires us. We call this vitality Brutal Beauty. It's in every room, every corner of our new hotel.

So break free from the flow. Be snug or live on the edge. Choose for delicacy or go for raw. Come stay with us, we are already your friends.