Your own private part as city mansion in The Hague

At Carlton Ambassador we would like you to have all of the privacy and tranquility as your wish. A stay in the

Private Mansion is extra suitable for those who have the need to be able to work in a concentrated and private way

or for those who want some time together with friends and family.

Book your own piece of hotel at Carlton Ambassador Hotel. Combine all luxury Residences and create your own

little city mansion in the center of The Hague. Complete with its own front door, parking spaces and meeting /

breakfast room. Perfect for an important business meeting or a family gathering!

Contact us about all of the possibilities via +31(0)70 - 363 03 36.

City Mansion in The Hague

Ambassador Residences

Your own Private Mansion in the center of The Hague. Eight luxury Residences, including a boardroom. The Private Mansion is fully or partially exclusive bookable.

Advantages Private Mansion

+ Own front door

+ Parking spaces in front of the door

+ Space

+ Privacy

+ Use of all hotel facilities


Private luxury residence for each one

Enjoy the peace and quiet the Residences have to offer. The rich history and luxurious materials come together and ensure an unforgettable experience. Take a lovely hot shower in the serene bathroom or enjoy a classical repertoire through the radio. 



When you book the Private Mansion, you also have the Boardroom at your disposal. Use this space for a meeting, joint breakfast or as an private dining room.

Everything is possible!


  • 10% korting
  • €10,- te besteden bij Restaurant Sophia
  • Flexibele reserverings voorwaarden

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