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A stay at Banks Mansion always includes snacks throughout the day, drinks from the self-service bar, unlimited use of the minibar, breakfast and more. But to make it even more special, we have put together a number of nice packages.

No worries! All arrangements are 'Lockdown-proof'. We look forward to welcoming you! Read about the Covid-19 measures during the stay.

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Relax and unwind with this indulging package. Enjoy your luxurious room. Get some fresh air, stroll hand in hand along the canals and enjoy a nice drink and snack from our self-service bar, all included in your stay! For dinner we will arrange a delicious Sushi box for you!

  • ▪ 1x Overnight stay in one of our luxurious rooms
  • ▪ Extensive breakfast in the room via pick-up service
  • ▪ Unlimited use of the unique Full Service Concept
  • ▪ A bottle of Cava and chocolates upon arrival
  • ▪ A Sushi box for 2 pers.
  • ▪ Late check out at 5 PM

FROM € 249,- p.n. (2 pers.)


a perfect getaway BEFORE THE BABY COMES

Want to get away from it all before the baby is born? Then enjoy an overnight stay together in one of our luxurious rooms. Walking along the canals of Amsterdam, relaxing in a warm bath and toast together with a bottle of non-alcoholic Cava. This babymoon is of course not complete without a babymoon surprise package for you and the little one!

▪ 1x Overnight stay in one of our luxurious rooms with bath

▪ Extensive breakfast in the room via 'pick up'

▪ Unlimited use of our Full Service Concept

▪ A bottle of non-alcoholic Cava

▪ A babymoon surprise package

From € 199,- p.n. (2 pers.)



Enjoy a few wonderful days together in the middle of the beautiful capital. Looking forward to a summer cruise through the canals, a walk through the Vondelpark, strolling again on the Albert Cuyp market, a bite to eat in the Jordaan. We are all looking forward to that! Off course you will end your day at our Mansion where you can enjoy the range of drinks and bites of the private bar, all included in your stay.

Take advantage of this 20% discount when you stay 4 nights or longer. This offer is valid all year round.

Valet Parking

We now offer Valet Parking with a third party. If you would like us to arrange this we would like to ask for your estimated time of arrival, your license plate number and your mobile phone number (incl. your country code). The costs of this service is €34,- per day. Your car can be brought back any time you want.

Please contact us via desk@banksmansion.nl if you would like to add this to your reservation.

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