Make your stay complete by visiting the best local hot spots in the city! Our own locals at Banks Mansion are happy to tell you what their favourite spots are. Make sure you don't miss these!

Elmo's favourites

Kapitein Zeppos

Very well hidden. Walk through the archway and you discover a small, but very green alley. You will mainly find locals in this authentic restaurant.

De Kas

I love vegetables! This restaurant is called ‘The Kas’, which means ‘the greenhouse’. Adjacent to their fabulous restaurant in park Frankendael, they grow their own vegetables; you eat what mother nature provides.

You have to travel a bit, but trust me: it is worth it!

De Waaghals

One of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in town! Try their good with influences from all over the world. Never knew that eating vegetarian can be divine!


My favourite market which opens on Mondays and Saturdays. You can find everything! The reason why I can spend a whole morning there. My tip: talk to the maternity owners, they are full of stories!

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Loved by Michelle

D'Vijff Vlieghen

This restaurant is a true culinary museum. Great food, excellent wine list (yes, I love wine!) And don't forget to walk through the restaurant!


Wine and dine high in the sky! In an hour the restaurant rotates 360 degrees and you can even see the sea at Zandvoort.

Hortus Botanicus

Such an oasis in the middle of Amsterdam. This botanical garden was founded in the 17th century and contains a rich variety of plants, trees, flowers and more.

Walk through the palm greenhouse and discover a tree that belonged to our former King William II.

Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets)

The place to find something unique to take. Where it be a painting, a board game or stories heard from locals in one of the brown cafés, you can spend your afternoon discovering an authentic part of Amsterdam. 

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Tips from Elsbeth


I remember the first time I was taken to the Rijksmuseum as a child. Since then I have been coming every year: a kind of tradition!

Wolf atelier

I just discovered Wolf's studio. It is a ten minute bike ride from Banks Mansion. What I love about Wolf atelier is that you are always surprised with the menu. You must have tried it!


My biggest dream is to do a safari, I imagine myself in the middle of the animals. I believe this is the reason that I can be found in Artis more often. You will find young and old there! In addition, there is a special night route during the Amsterdam Light Festival where you can spot the animals while sleeping!

De Plantage

Done with Artis? You can visit de Plantage right after a visit to Artis for a drink or a snack. I also come here just to have a cup of coffee on my relaxed Sunday.

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